Dear Future… I’m ready.

January 22, 2018


“I had no idea how helpful the staff at Frontier would be in getting the process started…”


In the summer of 2014, Gene Detherage had hit the lowest point of his life. He felt as though his life was in shambles as he reeled from the wake of substance abuse. By fall of the same year, he was living in a homeless shelter that provides a substance abuse recovery program, where he spent the next 13 months of his life separated from his son and family. “It turned out to be the greatest miracle of my life.”


Gene is now a person who is committed to long-term recovery. In 2016, he found himself rebuilding his life. A realtor friend recommended he apply for a loan through the local USDA office. “It was hard to fathom that I could be a homeowner,” Gene said, but he took a step out of his comfort zone and applied. Ultimately, his application was denied due to credit issues, but he was able to begin taking strides toward fixing this and qualifying for a mortgage loan. Things started to really look up for Gene when his son came to live with him full time. He desperately wanted to provide a stable and secure home for his family. The house he was renting was less than desirable with unpadded carpet over a concrete slab, exposed plumbing, inadequate heating and cooling, a leaking roof, and it was subject to flooding.



Around this time, our area received heavy rains and the potential for flooding to his rental home increased.  “In the aftermath of the flooding, I had to build a makeshift retaining wall around the house in hopes that it would prevent future flooding.”


He decided to try his luck with another local organization, Frontier. “After my initial meeting, I was very excited to be working with them.” Gene said. In spite of his current circumstances, Gene has always remained humble and optimistic. “On a positive note, my retaining wall worked excellently yesterday!” Gene mentioned during a recent appointment.


Gene’s new energy-efficient, affordable home is a part of the Morehead CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) project that Frontier is partnering with the City of Morehead on.  “I am very grateful to the City of Morehead for their part in making this possible,” Gene said.

This home will have central heat and cooling, is out of the flood zone, and will provide a safe and sturdy place for Gene to raise his son.


 “The opportunity of homeownership that has been provided to me and my son through Frontier will change our lives immensely. The ability to invest in myself by owning a home is remarkable, it isn’t anything I would have ever dreamed possible only three years ago. I have no doubt that Frontier’s commitment and assistance in this venture will have life-long benefits to the happiness and health of my family.”




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Dear Future… I’m ready.

January 22, 2018

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