the solutions.

Frontier can help you with everything from getting your credit right to building the home that meets your families needs. We offer 100% FREE financial counseling, a full suite of mortgage lending options, energy efficient home construction, as well as home repair and rehabilitation.

Our organization has been working for the people of eastern Kentucky for over 45 years. We pride ourselves on the ability to meet the needs of our customers to make affordable housing an option for everyone, regardless of income.

financial coaching:


Customers receive guidance on budgeting, clearing credit issues, and gain the necessary tools to move forward with the knowledge to manage their money effectively. Even if homeownership is not your goal, improving your financial health is for everyone. We want to provide you with a solid foundation for future success. Our education and counseling can be customized to fit your needs, we provide opportunities in-person, over the phone, and through email correspondence. Our program is approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and NeighborWorks America, a congressionally chartered nonprofit organization that supports community development.

mortgage lending:


If you need a mortgage loan, Frontier can make the process of obtaining a loan easy and provide answers to your questions along the way. We can create a truly customized loan package that fits your household. We offer a variety of options to make homeownership affordable and achievable such as the Mutual Self-Help Program, our new RECLAIM loan fund, and opportunities for first-time home buyers. If you're interested in becoming a homeowner - whether its through an existing, manufactured, or new construction home - we can show you how simple it can be to obtain the mortgage loan you need!

home construction:


If you need to know anything about Frontier, its that we do our best to make the home building process easy for our customers. We know building the home of your dreams can be a complicated process with an overwhelming numbers of choices along the way. We take the red tape and hassle out of that experience and offer a full turnkey construction once complete. We meet with you to go over your needs, budget, and specifications - once an agreement has been made, we'll take care of the rest. Because we do our own mortgage lending, we also don't require any payment until your home is move-in ready. This makes the building process financially attainable for customers who are renting or making other housing related expenditures during the process. We also offer energy efficient construction that only adds to your savings each month in your new home. We sleep better knowing you're getting the best home for your family.

repair and rehabilitation:


Frontier was founded on home repair, rehabilitation, and replacement for those in need. Today, we still offer options for home repair and rehab through several funding sources. If your home is in need of major repair, is made uninhabitable by disaster or condemnation, or simply needs accessibility accommodations we can work with you to find funds to get your home back in working order. We have some programs that have very specific deadlines, so reach out today if you think this service is for you.