the change.

Frontier Housing aims to provide affordable housing solutions to build better communities.

These are the words our organization lives by. The question asked at every juncture is and always will be - "Is this on mission?" With the changing needs in eastern Kentucky, the ways in which we offer opportunities to build those better communities has changed somewhat, but the heart remains the same.

dollars added to the local tax base since 1974


funds leveraged for FY 2018-19


521 Frontier Loans currently held in Frontier's own portfolio


11 new homes designed, built, and financed in FY 2018-19


15 loans made to purchase existing homes in FY 2018-19



Justin and Jessica Sloan

Mutual Self-Help HomeOwner

"It's really a dream come true to own a home, it's the American dream. Now we have a great, safe environment with great neighbors to raise our baby girl in."

Tom Carew.jpg

Dr. Tom Carew

Founder, Frontier Housing, Inc.

"I'm very proud of where Frontier Housing is. The work that Frontier is doing is critically important to the economy and certainly to the housing opportunities for folks in this region."

Gene D..jpg

Gene Detherage

Frontier HomeOwner & Board Member

"They held my hand the entire time, they were there to answer all of my questions and they made it easy to get a new, energy efficient home for me and my baby. They made it easy."