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who are our customers?

Frontier Housing has an extensive range of services and products that allow us to help people of all walks of life. Whether it be a mortgage loan, building a new home, down-payment assistance, financial guidance, purchasing a new or previously owned home, or counseling to help with improving your credit or debt history, we are here to help.

what kind of home can I expect?

Thanks to our unique approach to being a full service lender and construction provider, we have several options to offer that will exceed your expectations. We can work with you, as much as your budget and mortgage limit allows, to provide you with a home that meets your household needs.  If you already have a home picked out that is currently on the market, we can assist with this as well. You can see some of our homes here.

what types of financing/loans do you offer?

We offer competitive, fixed rate loans on:

  • Site-built homes (homes that we have constructed using our contractors, based on your needs).

  • Existing Homes (homes that are already on the market)

  • Mutual Self-Help homes ( on a home built by you, using sweat equity)

  • Previously Owned Manufactured Homes (manufactured homes that are already on land)

  • Modular Homes (built inside a factory to local building codes)

  • Refinancing (replace your existing mortgage loan with a new loan with more favorable terms)

  • Home Repair and Rehabilitation (needed modifications for your home to fit your needs)

*We also offer down-payment and closing cost assistance on many of our loan products!

how long does the process take?


With a simple situation - e.g., having stable employment with no debt - this process can be as short as 30 days. If there are other complicating factors, the loan officer may require additional documentation, which can extend the process several weeks or months.

how long does it take to have a home built?

Depending on time it takes to receive a mortgage loan, the type of home you choose, the time it takes to choose land (if necessary), and weather, will determine the amount of time it takes to get you into a new home.

how do I apply?

Get started by creating an account! You can also call us at 606-784-2131 and we will schedule you for an appointment with our team of experts!

what's stopping you? let us know.